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On the side, below are the items that I made for raya. Nak berlagak, hehehe.

My choker and earring. Made from Red Glass and Charms. Masa try, my sister sound, "Gothic design laaahhh." Hahaha. Dah dia chop nak pinjam pulak. Alamak, baju raya kaler hijau, choker kaler merah.....Belasah jer lah

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My mum's necklace. Dia suka kaler hijau, most of her baju kurung kaler hijau. So, I made it with Light Green Swarovski Pearls (0.8 cm) and Crystal AB (0.8 cm) dengan Silver Rondelles.

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Hanum's nyer gelang. Punyalah lama tempah Fire Opal Bicone (0.4 cm) nih. Lawa pulak design nih. Dia buat satu set, bracelet, necklace and earring.

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Kalau nak, design-design nih semua leh tempah with ur favourite kaler. Tapi, after raya lah.

Hmmm...rasa-rasa nak kena buat necklace kaler ijau tak?? Sempat ker baju raya tuh siap????

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  • Welcome to my website. This website is dedicated to feature my jewellery pieces, among the common ones are Earrings, Bracelets, Chokers, Necklace, Anklets. All of the designs are owned by me, so kindly please do not copy the designs. Most of my pieces are combinations between Swarovski Crystals and Semi Precious Stones such as Jade, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eyes and others.

  • For swarovski pearls and crystals especially, I usually charge by the number of pieces of the items used in the creation. So, the longer the bracelet/necklace/anklet you want, the pricier it will be.

  • For one of a kind items, you can design and we would discuss on the colors and themes for the pieces.

  • I also accept restring of bracelets and necklaces, also modifications on the designs if you feel that your current jewellery pieces are not 'dashing' or 'sparkly' enough.

  • I would like to caution, that some of the creations might need between 1 week to 1 1/2 months for delivery. It is based upon availability of the items used.

  • The pictures provided here of the creations are modified to give near exact color of the items used. However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to see the actual creations.

  • Give me an email if you feel that you like an item and want to know the price.

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